Kathleen Bellamano

Kathleen BellamanoRegistered Social Worker
Family Mediator
Parenting Coordinator

Ambitus Consulting
1076 Valewood Trail
Victoria, BC V8X 5G7

T: (250) 213-7898
F: (250) 477-5841
E: kbellamano@shaw.ca
W: katbellamano.com

Fees: 1 child $800, 2 children $1300, $250/additional child **sliding scale available based on financial need

Kathleen Bellamano has been working in family dispute resolution, including working with children, since 2003. Kathleen is certified with Family Mediation Canada as a Comprehensive Family Mediator and is a Parenting Coordinator with the BC Parenting Coordinator Roster Society. She has a private practice in mediation and parenting coordination and is the Executive Director of Communica Dialogue and Resolution, a nonprofit dispute resolution centre in Victoria.

Kathleen specializes in working with high conflict situations and helping families make durable resolutions in ways that will minimize costs, promote effective communication and support children. She has a lot of experience working across cultures and with diverse and complex families and is a registered social worker and a restorative justice and peacemaking circle facilitator. Kathleen uses web-based video conference and teleconference options as well as email when appropriate to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.