Fiona McQueen

Fiona McQueenLawyer
Turnham Woodland
1002 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1T4

T: (250) 385-1122
F: (250) 385-6522

Fee: N/A

Fiona has been practicing family law since 1985 and more recently has focussed on Mediation and Collaborative Family Law. She is a member of the Mediate BC Family Roster and Civil Roster. She is also a member of the Collaborative Family Separation Professionals. Fiona has received specific training in conducting Hear the Child Interviews and writing Reports from Joan Kelly, a clinical psychologist and recognized leader in the field of interviewing children in the divorce process.

Research tells us that most children and adolescents want to be involved and heard in some way in matters that affect them. Fiona relies on her experience as both a parent and a professional to create a comfortable and relaxed environment, so children feel safe in expressing their views. She is committed to treating all children with dignity and respect, and ensuring they understand that they are providing input, but not being asked to make decisions.