Paul Jacks

Social Work and Mediation

Skyline Consulting and Mediation Services
Box 891
Abbotsford, BC

Tel: (604) 864-6166 or (604) 853-0622
Fax: (604) 853-0620

Fee: $175.00 per hour

Paul Jacks is a member in good standing of the BC Association of Social Workers, and Mediate BC in both the Civil and Family Rosters, and Hear the Child Interviewer Roster.

Paul has had a long-time experience interviewing, assessing, and treating children and teenagers (including parental alienation) in order to hear about their interests, needs and interactions with the significant people in their lives.

He has extensive training and experience in dealing with marriage and family issues, marital breakdown, and ages and phases of child development. His experience with families ranges from those who are in need of some realignment of behaviours/responsibilities, to when families are in extreme crisis.

Paul taught the Parenting After Separation course for 14 years. He has worked with varied family structure systems (Jewish, Indigenous, Indo-Canadian, French Canadian and Eastern European). He clearly understands the effects of separation/divorce on parents and children at all development stages including adult children.

Paul is head of the Skyline Consulting and Mediation Services which is a private mediation company.  There are offices in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Langley.