Welcome to the BC Hear the Child Society

We are a non-profit organization that aims to give every child the opportunity to share their views and have them heard when their best interests are decided in the family justice system.

Members of our Child Interviewer Roster of trained, neutral professionals listen to children and provide written reports of their views to decision-makers and others involved in family law cases where the child’s best interests are being determined. The interviewer does not assess the child or the parents, but rather reports the child’s views, usually verbatim, so that the views can be heard and considered by the adults making decisions about the child’s best interests.

Hear the Child Reports are supported by sections 37, 202 and 224(1)(b) of the BC Family Law Act. Section 37 of the Act directs that, in making decisions about parenting arrangements or contact with a child, a decision-maker must consider only the best interests of the child. This section states that a child’s views must be considered unless inappropriate to do so.

Hear the Child reports may be ordered under s. 202(b) of the Family Law Act, or under s. 224(1)(b), as a specified service. If a Hear the Child report has already been prepared, it can be admitted to the court under s. 202(a) of the Family Law Act.