Roster FAQs

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How was the Child Interviewer Roster formed?

One of the original goals of the BC Hear the Child Society was to establish a roster of the then trained child interviewers who conduct non-evaluative child interviews and prepare views of the child reports for consideration when a child’s best interests are being determined in family justice proceedings.

In 2011 and early 2012 the Society sought and received feedback from current and prospective interviewers, members of the mental health and legal professions, and reviewed other relevant information on what criteria trained interviewers should meet to be eligible for such a Roster. We thank those who participated and who helped create the BC Hear the Child Society Child Interviewer Roster criteria.

How do I join the Child Interviewer Roster?

Those interested in joining the Roster as a trained non-evaluative child interviewer must have paid for their annual general membership in the BC Hear the Child Society (currently $50) and complete and submit a Roster-Application along with the non-refundable Roster application processing fee as determined by the Society (currently set at $125). Applications are reviewed twice annually by the Society’s Board and successful applicants are added to the Roster list twice each year. Once accepted to the Roster there is an annual Roster renewal fee (currently set at $150) payable thereafter. The deadlines for 2021 additions to the Roster are March 31, 2021 and September 30, 2021.