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B.T.R. v. U.A., 2014 BCSC 1012

The judgment notes that this was a “high conflict” case and the trial, spread over a year, took 42 days. The main issue at trial was the parenting of two children: A, 15, and T, 9. The children had been primarily parented by the mother before the separation, but by the time of trial, A was residing with the father. There was a custody and access report and a critique of the report. During the course of the hearing, the judge sought …

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Stav v Stav, 2012 BCCA 154

BC Court of Appeal finds trial judge failed to give appropriate consideration to child’s view. In Stav v Stav, 2012 BCCA 154, court relies on views of the child contained in Report prepared by Roster Member …

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