Brigitte Breault

Registered Psychologist Family Mediator

Brigitte Breault Psychological Services
2605 Dean Ave Victoria, BC V8R 4X5

T: (250) 208-1470
F: (250) 598-9322

Fees: $120/Hr (sliding scale available based on income)

Brigitte Breault completed her Masters Degree in Education from the University of Toronto in 1995. She has worked as a Registered Psychologist in Alberta from 2001 to 2008 working with children and families. Brigitte moved to Victoria with her husband and 3 children in 2008. She has been Registered as a Psychologist in British Columbia since 2011. Since moving to Victoria, Brigitte has worked in private practice with children and families and taken training in Parenting Co-ordination in 2014. Meeting with Children in 2017, and Children’s Voices in the Parenting Coordination Process in 2018.

The separation of the family and making decisions about parenting time can be such a significant period of stress and grief for the entire family. In Brigitte’s practice with families it is very important for everyone to feel comfortable with her and to understand the process before getting started. First she will meet with each parent individually for one hour followed by a 1 hour meeting with the child at a time that is convenient for everyone. The process of gathering information will be the least invasive as possible. Brigitte’s private practice is located in a residential office located very close to the Royal Jubilee Hospital. The office is equipped with toys, art materials and a sand box. Items that children may use to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Brigitte’s goal is to provide a comfortable environment in which the child can express themselves freely. After the meeting with the child Brigitte will meet with the parents to review and will then prepare a non-evaluative Hear the Child Report.