Dr. Laura Mills

Registered Psychologist

Dr. Laura Mills, R. Psych. #1406
230-3651 Moncton Street
Richmond, BC V7E 3A5

T: 604-314-7548
E: lauramills@shaw.ca
W: drlauramills.com

Fees: $175 per hour

Dr. Laura Mills has a strong interest in the mental health needs of children. She has extensive experience interviewing children and evaluating their social/emotional needs. She has been qualified as an expert witness for issues related to best interests of the child. Dr. Mills has worked at the Winnipeg Children’s Hospital, Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre, Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health, Ledger House in Victoria and at Child and Youth Mental Health in Duncan, BC and has provided psychological consultation to child maltreatment units in Winnipeg and Vancouver Island.

She is a certified Child and Play Therapist, supervisor and board member of the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy and a board member of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. She has been an adjunct professor at the University of Manitoba and University of Victoria. Dr. Mills’ practice includes parent and child counselling, Hear the Child Reports, Views of the Child Reports and mental health assessments for children and teens.