Shirley Selski

Shirley SelskiFamily Mediator

Kamloops Family Mediation
#2 231 Victoria Street
Kamloops BC

T: 250 371 7137
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My experience includes over 10 years of child protection social work where I became skilled in interviewing children for possible child abuse and neglect. My training taught me to ask open questions that require more than a “yes/no” answer and to be mindful that each child may require extra time building rapport. I believe it is vital to build rapport with the child before questions are asked of them.

I currently work as a Family Group Conference Coordinator for a Delegated Aboriginal Agency and therefore, meet with children regularly to determine what they would like to see happen for their family. I use a variety of methods such as, drawing pictures, writing paragraphs and of course, free narrative. I am passionate about hearing the ideas children have regarding their own families, as their ideas often are the catalyst parents need to truly understand how their child/ren feel.

My private practice as a family mediator allows me to talk with children about what their ideas are regarding separation/divorce topics. Time with mom and dad, visits with extended family members, holidays, etc are all important issues for children. I believe once children feel like their voices have been heard, change begins to happen and the children feel included.

A neutral report is very helpful when making decisions about the children. Although each parent may have an excellent idea about how their child feels, it is gratifying and respectful to the children to have it documented by a third party.