Julie Donati

Julie-DonatiLawyer, Arbitrator

Mobility Legal Solutions
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Fees: $750.00 one child, plus $250 for each additional child. Taxes extra. Legal Aid referrals accepted.
“Whaddya mean no one listens to the kids!!? It’s THEIR lives we’re talking about!” That was the astounded statement from my own children when I told them I was going to take training to enable me to interview children so that their voices could be heard when their parents were going through separation. I had to agree.

Interviewing children is the highlight of my practice. I have practised almost exclusively in the area of family law for 17 years. I am a member of the Law Society in the Province of British Columbia in good standing and have been trained in the area of “Hear the Child” interviews since November 2007. I have performed non-evaluative interviews with children and prepared numerous reports for the purpose since 2008.

I have always had a good rapport with children, often using humour and age related interests to find common ground with them. Having now replaced my grown children with dogs, specifically German Shepherd Dogs, sometimes I also have puppies to share.

Appointment times are flexible, including weekends and evenings if required.